If you're bald and wearing your hair back, we may need to think about alternative treatments to a traditional forehead lift, if in fact the brows need to be lifted. There are a number of alternatives from injectibles, to non-invasive skin tightening type procedures that we'll sometimes turn to. We can also work on the eyebrows through an internal approach, coming through the eyelids. We'll work underneath the eyelid and stabilize the brows in that manner.

The lower eyelid, we're sometimes able to put the scar inside the lower lid and maybe a tiny bit in a crow's feet line in the corner so that they scarring, in many cases, can be almost invisible.


Brow Lift For the Bald -- Can It Be Done?

Just because you have no hair doesn't mean you can't look great! Dr. Brian Biesman discusses brow and eyelid lifts for the bald.