#1: Talk It Out
Still getting use to your new look?
Go online…
And chat with us on RealSelf.
A community of people who’ve been where you’ve been...
And want to help you feel better faster.

#2: Vitamin D Makes a Difference
Is the sun shining outside your window?
Go outside and enjoy it.
But no topless sunbathing!
Keep your scars in the shade.
Exposing them to sunlight may make them worse.

#3: Go On an Adventure!
Hang out with friends.
Or just people-watch at your favorite coffee shop.
Better yet: Buy yourself some new lingerie to show off your new look!

#4: Nailed It
You made it through the surgery.
Treat yourself.
May I suggest a mani-pedi?
You can coordinate the color with all the new bras that you bought.

#5: Eat Clean
It’s easy to give into bad eating when you’re feeling down.
Mac and cheese.
Try to resist temptation.
Make sure to drink your water too.
A healthy diet and plenty of water, will keep you feeling and looking good.

#6: Get Your Beauty Sleep
Curl up in your favorite blanket.
Plump your pillow.
Turn on those soothing tunes.
And take a nap.

#7: Patience Is a Virtue
Waiting sucks, doesn't it?
But it's going to pay off.
It may take several months before you see results.
Just take your mind off the here and now.
Plan that dream vacation to South Africa.
Or a reunion with some old friends.

#8: Whatever You’re Feeling, It’s OK
Those are just a few of the emotions you’ll feel as you recover.
Ups and downs are just a part of recovery.
Boy, is it.
And if you need us…
We’re here for you.

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