There are a lot of options depending on the physical examination. If someone has a little bit of looseness and they wanna go up in size, sometimes an implant alone can give the lift without having additional scars beyond breast augmentation. You could do a doughnut lift where you just make a circle around the areola and tighten the skin through that.

Some folks that have had a lot of weight loss may need pretty extensive procedures to lift the breast. So when someone comes in, it's not a one size, fits all sort of thing. You would look at their anatomy, look at their goals. Are they happy with their size? Some people want a lift and actually want to be a little bit smaller, so maybe incorporate a small breast reduction and also looking at symmetries, so that perhaps one side is a lift alone, the other side is a lift with a small reduction, or one side is a lift alone, one size is a lift with a small augmentation. It really is fine-tuned for that specific patient's needs.

Breast Lift Options With and Without Implants

If a breast lift is on your mind, there are several options available to you, both including implants and keeping it natural.