Okay, so, we take out the implants. That took about three or four minutes. Now what we're left with is this drastically deflated skin envelope, and so now what I'm going to do, is I'm going to essentially make a guesstimation of the new nipple areola position, draw these out on the skin envelope. Then what I'll do is I will staple these to tailor [inaudible 00:00:32] and try to determine if what I've got is indeed what I need.

So, I'll do this patter on both breasts. I'll try to narrow it as much as possible. She had a previous vertical, so the idea being that if you can do this with a vertical, you can minimize the horizontal component of the wise pattern. Most people would just go ahead and do a wise. I start with the smallest possible scar, and then go from there. So, the next part of this will just be stapling to get it right, and I'll show you how it looks.

Okay, so you can see that basically, this is the breast that we haven't lifted at this point, this is the breast that we have, You can see that's pretty much a nice, perfectly round result. The center of the areola is round, the incision here is at the midpoint of the wise pattern incision. She has a very nice improvement. We'll just show you at the end when we have the other breast done.

Breast Lift Following Implant Removal

Once the breast implants are removed, Dr. Kenneth Hughes can then proceed to provide the patient with a breast lift.