Dana Goldberg: Cleavage is determined by your anatomy. Implants are placed under the muscle, and some patients' muscle inserts very close together on the breastbone, some patients' muscle inserts very far apart. Trying to put the implants too close together can cause something called symmastia, where there's actually no normal separation between the breasts anymore.

There are certain implant styles and certainly larger sizes that can help enhance cleavage, but mostly it begins with what you have to start with. So the different profiles or shapes of the implants can impact this as well. There's something called a moderate profile of implant, which is fairly wide and flat. This is different from the higher profile of implants, which are a little less in diameter, but project more off of the chest.

Breast Implants and Cleavage

Doctor Dana Goldberg discusses what factors contribute to enhancing cleavage.