Hey, it's Dr. Lowenstein, here in Santa Barbara. I see a lot of patients on Real Self asking about, "This size or that size?" and "Will this size make me that cup?" and "Will that size make me this cup?" You know, it's a very, very difficult question to answer on the internet. I think it's important that patients really understand the consultation process and the process as far as actually getting your augmentation. There is no exact correlation between a breast implant cc size and a cup size, because it really depends on the size of the patient and the size of the breast.
Just to give you an example, if you are a 6'4" woman who, let's say, is a WNBA basketball player, and that woman wants to be a B cup, go from nothing to a B cup. We may be putting a 300 cc implant in that woman, because it has to be of a certain size, relative to the rest of her body. Now, if I have the same wishes in a patient who is 4'2" and weighs 95 pounds, and I put that same implant in her, it's going to give her a DD cup, because, relative to her small stature, that implant is much bigger. So, when you're asking about what implant size I you should get, I really want to emphasize to you that this is where the art of plastic surgery comes in. This is where it's really important to have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon, of course, who's board certified. It doesn't have to be me. There are lots of great plastic surgeons in the world. But, I'm always concerned, when I see these questions being answered, that misinformation is being given, because it really has to do with the measurements of your breasts, the size of your body, the size of your breasts beforehand, and the size that you want your breasts to be after.
There are lots of different shapes of implants. We can use round implants, shaped implants, high profile, moderate plus profile, or moderate classic profile. It's an operation that really needs to be tailored to you. Blanket answers on the internet are not really the best way to tailor an operation. So, take what you read here. There are a lot of good answers by a lot of very good surgeons. But, at the end of the day, I really emphasize: go and talk to a plastic surgeon, get sized, look at the implants, have him take measurements of you, look at his before and after photos, and pick a kind of outcome that you want. All of those are really going to be far more important in picking an implant out than just trying to get an online consultation. So, that's my two cents. I hope it helps. Again, I'm Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara. As I said, there are a lot of really, really good, board certified plastic surgeons out there. I recommend that you find one that you're comfortable with. Best of luck with your surgery, and take care.

Breast Implant Size Depends on the Stature and Build of Each Patient

Dr. Lowenstein answers a common question about which breast implant size will produce a certain bra cup size.