Hi. My name is Edward Gronka. I'm a plastic surgeon in Fayetteville, Georgia. I'm going to start posting some videos about subjects that I think are important in plastic surgery. So this is my first video in terms of that.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is breast implants. There are different shapes and different styles of breast implants. There are currently three manufacturers of implants in the United States.

The first variety is a saline, which is a saltwater-filled implant, and like many things, it has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is it does not come filled already, so you can usually insert this implant through a smaller incision. It is saltwater solution. If there is any leak of the implant, it gets absorbed by your body.

It can be more feel-able though as an implant compared to the next variety which I like to show, which is a silicone-filled, high-profile implant. High profile means it has more projection to it. It's higher than it is narrow many times. This has the disadvantage of being required through a larger incision, but many people feel that it has a much more natural feel to it and texture.

Similar, another one I'd like to show you is another silicone-filled implant. This is called a moderate size or moderate plus implant. It doesn't add too much height to it. There are others, in this regard, with different parameters in terms of height and width ratio. Comparing them side-by-side, I think you can get a little bit of a visual image of the difference in the actual dimensions of the two implants together.

The next one is called a shaped implant or anatomical implant. This takes on more of a configuration of the breast shape in terms of the natural shape with more sloping of the upper pole. This, if you look at the surface, has a more rough surface, a sandpaper-like surface, if you will, to prevent the implant from rotating in the pocket. Of course this has some advantages as well.

That's just a brief introduction of the different kinds of implants. I hope you enjoyed the video.

Breast Implant Contents, Projection, and Texture

Dr. Edward Gronka provides a brief introduction to the different types of breast implants available, discussing the differences in saline versus silicone, projection, and textures.