You could divide them into two groups, the ones that happen early on after surgery and the ones that happen much later as time goes by. The early ones are the typical complications that could happen to any surgery like bleeding in the pocket or an infection in the wound or some sort of sensitivity to one of the medications and that sort of thing. Each of those has various symptoms. Signs of infection would be, for example, a lot of redness in the incision, a lot of pain in the incision, high fever and things like that. Whereas signs of bleeding in the pocket would be all of a sudden your breast becomes dramatically bigger and much more painful and maybe more bruised. Both of those of course need to be reported to your surgeon, so that they can be looked after in a way that's prompt.

Breast Implant Complications: Signs To Watch For

Caring for your breast implants is crucial, so Dr. Thomas Fiala explains some issues that may arise and how you can both prevent and get care for each.