Hey, Dr. Rick here for another question of the day. When I talk to patients about breast augmentation surgery, there are many different incisions that can be made. And commonly, a patient will ask me, "Am I a good candidate to place those implants through an armpit incision, and how will I know if I am?" Well, really that's just based on physical examination. The best candidates for that type of an approach, where we place the implant through an armpit incision, are patients who have relatively tight skin envelopes with no droop to the breast. If there's any drooping to the breast that would require me to do other techniques to help the implants and the breast sit better together, then you're not a great candidate for the armpit type of incision. But if you have a pretty tight skin envelope with minimal droop to the breast, most of those patients are great candidates to have the implant placed through the armpit.

The nice thing about an armpit incision is it's basically a scarless breast operation. You do have an incision in the armpit, so if you lift your arm you can see that, but it should fade well with time. But the bottom line is that I'd need to see you in the office to determine if you're truly a good candidate. So, those are some loose guidelines.

I hope that helps, and if you think you are a good candidate, come see me and we'll talk about it. See you next time.

Breast Augmentation Through an Armpit Incision: Am I a Candidate?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses what type of patient can have a breast augmentation using an incision through the armpit.