This question comes from a RealSelf participant from Boise, Idaho, and they write, "This Friday will be two weeks since my breast augmentation surgery and as of right now, 10 days post-op, I'm feeling wonderful. My question is would it be OK to go to a water park this Friday. I won't be riding rides requiring me to go on my stomach, but can I submerge my incision areas?" It's an excellent question. You could draw that out to a lot of different scenarios. I think the main thing is you really need to be in contact with your plastic surgeon. They were the ones who performed the operation and they'd have the best input.

When I put that in terms of my patients, I'd probably say no. I'd say no for a couple of reasons. One, I wouldn't want you to be in water that's potentially contaminated. You never know at a water park. I'd be careful about water parks, tubing on rivers, in the ocean, etc. And the second I probably wouldn't be comfortable with you being that active, physically. I'd say maybe twice as long, maybe three or four weeks before I let my patients participate in exercise of any kind after breast augmentation. So I'm happy for you that you're doing so well and that you're feeling great. I'm sure you have great results, but contact your own physician.

When Is It Safe to Go to the Water Park After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Shaun Parson answers another RealSelf user who is asking about when is it safe to go to a water park following breast augmentation surgery.