Hey! It's Dr. Lowenstein here, I want to talk briefly about incisions for breast augmentation. Some people will use the axilla underneath the armpit, we can do that. I have some patients, not mine, but other surgeon’s patients who have had some asymmetry after that operation, because the area that you have to do- trying to center this properly, here- a lot of the work on is down here. And the distance between this and this is pretty far.

There are several surgeons who are very, very good at it. It's not my preferred incision, but we can do it. Another incision is around the areola. That incision also I will do if you really want to, but again, not my favorite. That incision has a higher rate of capsular contractual problematic scar tissue around the breast implant, and we think that's because when you make that incision, you're going through the breast tissue, and the breast tissue isn't sterile, because they had ducts that are in continuity with your nipple, there's bacteria in there, and so it's got an 11% higher risk of capsular contracture than the incision that I use most of the time which is the inframammary or under the fold incision.

I like that incision because it's very well hidden because the breasts naturally cover it up and it's a natural incision zone. It just tends to heal very, very nicely. It has a low rate of capsular contracture, and it allows beautiful access to all of the areas that we really need to do the most meticulous dissection in. That is the area that I do the majority of my breast shaping in the lower poll to try to get a nice, round, contour, provide that natural, upper-poll, teardrop, natural shape, which is what my operations are known for.

So while I can do these other incisions, I prefer the inframammary incision. It has the lowest complication rate, the nicest access, and frankly just extraordinarily rare that patients aren't happy with that incision after they've had it. All right, hope that helps and we'll talk more about this during your consultation, but I want to provide you with as much information as I can. Thanks! Take care.

Breast Augmentation Incisions and the Reasoning Behind Them

Dr. Adam Lowenstein provides us with a clear explanation of the differing incision points a surgeon may use for a breast augmentation, as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each.