I feel like I do have additional insight about breast augmentation because not only am I a female surgeon with breasts but I've had my own breast augmentation. I have had some of the problems that patients can have after surgery.

I decided to get breast augmentation because I didn't fill up my shirts and now there are some shirts I have that I can't button because the implant size that was chosen was just a little too large for my frame. I feel like having had that procedure and being a woman does give me insight into some of the issues that women face with implants based on clothing styles, going to the gym and needing to move around and work out, that male surgeons just may not be exposed to or think about during the surgical process.

Breast Augmentation from a Woman's Perspective

Doctor Dana Goldberg shares how being a woman and having had a breast augmentation helps her to have a better understanding of her patients expectations and results.