Dr. Edward Bednar: Likely candidates for breast augmentation are ladies who really don't feel that their body contour and symmetry allow them to wear the particular types of clothes and outfits that they'd like to see. What we find with patients like this, achieving cleavage and fullness gives them a better balance, gives them better choices in their wardrobe.

Over the years, I've used each and every type of implant that's been available. I've found really what applies to each particular type of patient. Everyone is different in their needs and their desires, and what we try to achieve for the patient is maybe as natural appearance as possible. This natural appearance has been the trend of late, and we've noticed that particularly in our practice, as we've begun to use more and more of the particular types of implants that give the patient that kind of desired result.

Patients that are having breast augmentation I think are helped by some artistic input and some artistic aptitude, and the process that which really creates for them their individual result. No two patients are alike. What we find are that no two people's desires are really alike, so what we've got to do is we've got to fit that particular type of procedure, the type of implant used, and the technique that is used to achieve the results that the patient is really desiring.

Patients who have significant breast asymmetry have to be addressed with a combination of procedures in a lot of cases. If one breast is larger than the other, if one breast may sag more than the other, if the chest wall itself has a different kind of contour, maybe a depression, maybe more of a prominence, this is really where we've got to call on our artistic aptitudes, I think, to really fulfill and achieve for the patient the most symmetrical type of result, the best balance we can find.

I've utilized every incisional approach for breast augmentation that has been developed over the last 25 years. These types of incisional approaches, though, vary in what they really do and accomplish for the particular patient. We find an incision under the arm allows the patient to return to their busy lifestyle much sooner than the other approaches. We find that patients on a Thursday or Friday will often have surgery, and I'm always impressed that on Monday, they may find themselves back to a desk type of job.

Breast augmentation can be performed by placing the implant above the muscle or below the muscle. Other people call that below the muscle "behind" or "beneath," but it's all the same thing. My recommendation is for below the muscle. I think it has distinct advantages, achieving for patients a little more natural result, and really decreasing the incidences of other problems that we see associated with breast augmentation.

Achieving Cleavage and Fullness with Breast Augmentation

Doctor Edward J. Bednar discusses his process and shares before and after results for breast augmentation procedures.