#1: Prepare For a Curveball
You’ve done your homework and think you know exactly what you want.
But be prepared because your doctor might have other ideas.
So eep an open mind about all the options available for a breast augmentation.
And don’t be afraid to ask questions about the surgical plan your doctor has in mind.

#2: Make a List and Check It Twice
There’s a lot to remember before surgery!
Take a moment and collect your thoughts.
Important to-dos include:
Take some time to prepare all of your meals and snacks.
Walking a dog on a leash can also ruin a surgery so make sure you’ve got pet care lined up too.
It might seem overwhelming but you can do this!

#3: Prepare Your Station
Before your procedure, remember to get your post-op station ready.
That means deck out your bedside table with everything you’re going to need after surgery. Remember, keep it easy to reach cause it's going to be hard to move for a little while.
We’re thinking bottled water, tissues, and lip balm.
Oh and a little bell to summon help.

#4: Get Comfortable
Plump your pillow.
You’re going to sleep propped up for the first week or so.
Having pillows around will make it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

#5: Will It Hurt?
Yes, it's going to hurt, OK?.
RealSelf community members say right after breast aug, it can feel like two bowling balls strapped to your chest.
Or, for the mamas in the audience, it can feel like when your milk came in.
One way to help: Work out your back in the months before surgery.

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