The Brazilian butt lift has been a very popular surgery over the last maybe 5 to 10 years. A lot of patients are seeking to have not only a fuller buttock, but what I think is more important, to have a nicer shape. The way that procedure is done briefly is liposuctions on multiple areas typically the abdomen, the love handle area, the back and the thighs. The fat is processed. The fat is strained. It's re-injected relatively deep into the gluteal muscle as well as into the soft tissues of the buttock.

Some patients aren't great candidates for it. Some patients are too thin and they may have to gain weight prior to surgery if they're looking to achieve a certain look or a certain size. In general, I think patients that are looking for a very large buttock have to be careful. There are limits of how much fat can be placed and should be placed, because if you're placing too much fat at one time, you're gonna have a lot of cell death and lose volume and potentially you'll have necrotic tissue or dead tissue and you'll lose the size and I think become disappointed. I think it's more important to put in high quality fat instead of high volume fat. If the patient has the volume, great. If they don't have the volume, considering weight gain is a reasonable option.

I think a lot of it has to do with the shape that the patient starts out with. A lot of patients will be a square-shaped or a V-shaped or an A-shape or different shapes. Realistically the shape that you start out with has a lot to do with your final outcome. It is very difficult to take someone with a very poor shape and give them a very small waist and large buttock and a great waist to hip ratio. I think that's what people are looking at. If you give them a great waist to hip ratio, they're gonna be happy.

I don't think it's relevant how many cc get injected into each side. I think for the purpose of discussion, people talk about it. People see the numbers on the websites and so forth. So it's discussed but it's not important to have 500 cc or a 1000 cc. It just really matters what the final shape looks like. Sometimes patients don't verbalize that. They don't articulate it, but in the end after they have a nice shape, then they finally realize, "Well, I wanted a better shape. I didn't necessarily want a very large buttock."

Brazilian Butt Lift: The Hottest Trend in Fat Transfer

Dr. William Bruno introduces the Brazilian Butt Lift and explains both the procedure and what he considers to be the most important factor in a successful BBL procedure.