I think the best patient for a Brazilian buttock lift is someone who has pretty good skin tone, good elasticity, very few stretch marks and has enough donor fat. Typically someone who's slightly overweight I think is a great candidate. If someone's too thin, they're not gonna have enough donor fat. They're gonna have difficulties with the liposuction areas 'cause they could have indentations and contour irregularities, let's say, in their abdomen afterwards.

Ideally you wanna be a little bit overweight and have good skin. If you don't have enough fat or if your skin is not of good tone, you may not be a candidate. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure and that's what really needs to be addressed during the consultation even though we'll see photos in patients and some photos online that cannot always be really established until you seeing someone, examining their tissues and feeling the amount of fat that they have and the quality of the fat.

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates: Weight and Skin Tone

Dr. William Bruno explains who the ideal candidate is for a Brazilian Butt Lift.