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  • Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck Combo Surgery Pros and Cons
One of the advantages of doing a combined tummy tuck and fat transfer is it's one anesthesia, it's one recovery. If you're in good health and can tolerate that procedure which is generally between four and five hours long, it's a reasonable combination to do.

Some patients don't wanna go to the operating room twice. They don't wanna go through two procedures. If you don't have enough fat, you can do a fat transfer first, recover, and six months later after maybe you've gained more weight, do a second round of fat transfer to the buttock and do the tummy tuck at that second time.

I think some of the disadvantages would include potential harm of blood supply. If you're lipsuctioned very aggressively in and around the area of the tummy tuck, you could jeopardize the blood flow to the skin and to the skin flap. If that's done thoughtfully and carefully, it can be done combined.

I think another factor is the recovery. If you do something basically, whether it's a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, on the front of the body and then a procedure to the buttock, it's gonna be very difficult. Patients are limited to a side to side position, which some people can tolerate, some people cannot. That needs to be thought out in advance. You're probably gonna need close to two weeks to recover if you do them combined. If you do them separate, it's about a week recovery for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck Combo Surgery Pros and Cons

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift and tummy tuck procedure be performed at the same time? Dr. William Bruno weighs in.