What areas can we treat with Botox? Besides the FDA approved areas of the glabella and the crows feet, we can treat the forehead, we can treat the nasalis which are these areas right here for those bunny lines, we can treat the chin for this line across the chin and also the uneven texture of the chin. We can treat the deaos which is for that frown that no one wants. Um, we can treat a lot of areas that um people might not have thought we could treat. Um we could treat around the lips if you feel like you have those little what they call "smoker lines," some people have them even if they don't smoke. All those areas can be treated but they need to be treated by someone who knows how to do the injection correctly and someone who has been practicing and has expertise in the area.

Botox Treatment Areas on the Face

Nurse injector Karin Berg, who works alongside of Dr. Michael Law, describes all of the areas of the face that can be treated with Botox.