You start simple, you start small, and then people start to realize these tricks that we have aren't working quite as well. And the good news is, when you're working around the brow and eyes nowadays, we're talking very small incisions, placed on the eyelid in creases so they heal rapidly and what I call a modified brow lift which I do in a lot of age groups but particularly in younger, involves a little half inch incision in the hair here, and a little about a one inch on each side. We don't shave any hair and then we just tunnel down to the muscle in the brow and minimally elevate it three millimeters. Surprise, surprise, if you measure the difference between two to three millimeters in an eye, a brow, of lift, that's plenty. So it's not a big procedure and it's a quick downtime.

You do get a headache. The first day I tell everybody, 'I've been marching around through these little tiny tunnels doing things. Don't you believe that you might have a headache?' And the answer is 'Yes.' And you'll go home and take some pain pills for, again, 24 to 36 hours.

Botox Is No Longer Working For Me, so What Are My Options?

When your usual fillers or Botox aren't working, it's definitely a sign that a larger procedure might be on the horizon, explains Dr. Harold Kaplan.