Dr. Peter Capizzi: Today, we will be injecting the glabella region of the central part of the forehead. Frown for me and relax. It's that muscle or the corrugator muscle that is the most common area injected with Botox.

Female Voice: Relax. Frown again. Frown again.

Dr. Peter Capizzi: OK, clean it off. How was that Alisha?

Alisha: Very good.

Female Voice: It's showing down there.

Dr. Peter Capizzi: Did it hurt at all?

Alisha: None, just a little pinch, but it hurt, no.

Dr. Peter Capizzi: So this is the most common area that is injected with Botox. This is the first area that was approved by the FDA.

Forehead Botox Injection To Correct Frown Lines

Dr. Peter Capizzi injects a patient with Botox to address her concerns about developing frown lines between her eyebrows.