Chako Suzuki: Hi, I'm Chako Suzuki from RealSelf. And we are doing the RealSelf Botched After Show, the final episode.

Dr. Nassif: The final episode.

Chako Suzuki: We're going to talk about that which is a super exciting episode. Let's talk about Monique, pixie ears...

Dr. Nassif: Monique Allen, yes.

Chako Suzuki: ...who's had about 200 surgeries.

Dr. Nassif: A lot of silicon.

Chako Suzuki: Well, she had her first facelift at only 29 years old.

Dr. Nassif: Yeah.

Chako Suzuki: Is that too early?

Dr. Nassif: Twenty-nine years old is too early to have a facelift, way too early.

Chako Suzuki: In the episode, we saw her filming a music video for, I think, it was called 38 Triple F, and I'm wondering are we going to see you make a cameo maybe as a policeman?

Dr. Nassif: I'm sure Terry will, not me. I'm not going to do that.

Chako Suzuki: I mean, we've seen his moves so maybe...

Dr. Nassif: He does have a white man syndrome as I mentioned before. He doesn't know how to dance.

Chako Suzuki: So if there's just one takeaway from Monique's revision surgery, what would that be?

Dr. Nassif: One, don't put anything in your face unless it's legally approved. Two, don't have surgery too early. Age naturally to an extent, but look good while you're ageing and just don't overdo things.

Chako Suzuki: Let's talk about Kelly who had the cleft pallet and you did a revision on her.

Dr. Nassif: Revision nose. Yes.

Chako Suzuki: And she had about five to six surgeries to fix her cleft pallet. Before even seeing you, her septum was deviated. I'm wondering is that something insurance would cover.

Dr. Nassif: Insurance plays into a lot of the procedures that I do as reconstruction, especially if it's functional. Depending on the policy, the doctor might pick insurance or you can get reimbursed. You have to be careful because when you're picking out your policy, pick out the right one and see what's going to be best suited for your needs. So, yes, you can get some insurance to pay for airway obstruction.

Chako Suzuki: Kelly's lip looked amazing. You worked on her upper lip and she had an injection. Will she need to go back to you again to keep getting fat put into her lip? How does that work over time?

Dr. Nassif: Got it. First of all, she had some scar tissue and she had a depression in one area. We are able to go in and put a little bit of fat. In the lips, one, you have to make sure your fat is very fine otherwise you're going to have these fat, what we call granulomas and it doesn't look good. The amount of fat that will survive as long as the fat goes in perfectly, it's usually maybe about 20%.

I saw her recently and she looked pretty good. She had about 45% fat take.

Chako Suzuki: Was there anything this season or anyone who didn't make it to air that you wish that we've seen?

Dr. Nassif: No, I think that all the best candidates went to air. It'll be interesting if you're watching this show, because they're already casting, what will come out of the woodwork. We'll see. You might see more crazy stuff, even crazier than this.

Chako Suzuki: I can't imagine topping this season, but I'm sure it will happen.

Dr. Nassif: We'll see.

Chako Suzuki: Who was your favorite patient so far this year?

Dr. Nassif: I got to tell you I can't pick one specific patient, however Jen got me the most teary-eyed ...

Chako Suzuki: I remember that.

Dr. Nassif: Because of her life and her story, and how she felt about her nose, and how it was affecting her, and then what happened to her after her transformation, and how it changed her life, that made me feel fantastic. I think I said that on the show.

Chako Suzuki: All right, guys. That is a wrap. Thank you so much for being with us this entire season, Dr. Nassif. It has been so fun. We didn't get to see you dance, but it's still been so fun.

Dr. Nassif: Maybe next year you'll see me dance, but not with a patient though like somewhere else.

Chako Suzuki: Thank you so much.

Dr. Nassif: Thank you all. Thanks, RealSelf. Thanks, folks.

Chako Suzuki: See you again soon. Bye.

Botched Season 1, Episode 8: Dr. Nassif on Transgender Monique Allen, Illegal Injections, & More

Botched star, Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, gives RealSelf exclusive scoop on the show's big Season 1 finale. He tackles illegal injections, transgender performer Monique Allen, and when insurance can cover plastic surgery