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  • Botched Season 1, Episode 7: Dr. Nassif on Pig Skin, "Mega Boobs," & Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Chako: Hey, guys, we are back in Beverly Hills for the RealSelf Botched After Show with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif. So let's talk about Lacey, also known as "Mega Boobs". She wanted Triple Q boobs, which is...

Dr. Nassif: I didn't even know it went that far in the alphabet for God's sake. I thought D was the biggest one.

Chako: She had a procedure that used pig skin. So why pig skin?

Dr. Nassif: You can use either cadaver skin or pig skin. So if we have to repair and we need internal lining, whether it's for the face, for the other parts of the body, for the breast, pig skin is skin similar to ours. So pig skin or human cadaver skin is what we use.

Chako: You said that Lacey's ginormous boobs, for lack of a better descriptor, made Dr. Dubrow act like a kid in a candy shop.

Dr. Nassif: Yeah, he acts like that all the time though. If he see's anything wild and weird or whatever, he's like... When he saw Justin, he was like... [breathes deeply] You've got the human Ken doll. He just goes crazy with that stuff.

Chako: What makes you act like a kid in a candy shop? What makes you excited about your job?

Dr. Nassif: The results or if I know I'm going to do something and it's really, really complex and I know I can get a good result, I feel the same way.

Chako: Let's move on to Selena, also known as "Alien Boobs". She was really worried about having no boobs and thought that her boyfriend would actually love her more if she had big boobs, so the question at RealSelf is did she have BDD?

Dr. Nassif: There was indicators that there was something else going on that when she was tearful that she had small boobs and he won't love her. That has to do with other issues. There's some psychological issues there, whether it's insecurities, or inferiority issues, but I don't feel it has something to do with body dysmorphic disorder, at least at this point. But remember you should not do any surgery to please somebody else. You should only do surgery to please you.

Chako: So one of the things that stood out to me in Episode 7 of Botched was that you told everyone that you were a leg and a butt man, so I'm wondering... [Laughing]

Dr. Nassif: You got me there.

Chako: I got you, I'm done. I'm watching you very closely, so I am wondering who is the ideal? Who has the ideal butt and legs?

Dr. Nassif: Oh, my God, you're asking me now?

Chako: Well, come on.

Dr. Nassif: I've got to think about that.

Chako: Someone at RealSelf would know.

Dr. Nassif: I do like muscular legs, not really muscular like you know. I just like very toned, nice, somewhat muscular legs, and the girlfriend, my girlfriend, I have to say she has the best legs, very muscular, very nice. She has great legs.

Chako: You know what? That's a good answer. That's actually the best answer you could have said. That's fair. So there you have it, ladies. There you have it. You can catch Dr. Nassif on E! on Botched following the Kardashians Sunday at 10:00 p.m. and we'll see you next week. Bye.

Dr. Nassif: Bye, everybody.

Botched Season 1, Episode 7: Dr. Nassif on Pig Skin, "Mega Boobs," & Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Botched star, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, gives RealSelf exclusive scoop on Episode 7. He answers such burning questions as: How did pig skin become a thing in plastic surgery? And more.