Dr. Nassif: Hi, everybody.

Host: So good to see you again, Dr. Nassif. We missed you at RealSelf. Let's talk about this week's episode of "Botched." We're going to start with Toby. So, Toby actually shared his story on our site a couple of years ago, and we're dying to know... All the RealSelfers want to know what is he really like?

Dr. Nassif: You know, he's charming. You know, he's a nice guy, very sweet, does not have body dysmorphic disorder. He just wants to look like Justin Bieber. He's got kind of a, you know, like man crush on him. And, you know, he's a lot older than Justin Bieber, but hey, twitch is on.

Host: How do often do people come in wanting to look like celebrities? Or, is it something in the past?

Dr. Nassif: Yeah, I used to see this a lot more. I have to tell you, in the last three, four years, it's kind of come down. However, you're going to see more of these patients that want to look like celebrities.

Host: So, who are the most requested celebrities that you've seen in the past couple of years?

Dr. Nassif: I think now, it's Kate Middleton.

Host: Oh, really?

Dr. Nassif: That'd be the number one. Brad Pitt for male. Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, I mean the usual, you know, good-looking celebrities.

Host: And so what didn't we see with him? Was there any singing? Did he show off his talent? Was there dancing?

Dr. Nassif: You put someone like that with Terry Dubrow, getting through them, we're dancing, having fun.

Host: And he's a Belieber.

Dr. Nassif: Yeah, he's a Belieber which, of course, yes, yes. I don't know what that was. And, of course, they both make fun of me.

Host: Let's move on to Tijuana Tummy Tuck a.k.a. Jess Ray. Talk to me about the dangers of medical tourism.

Dr. Nassif: When you go and try to save money on plastic surgery, you're asking for trouble, especially with face because you can see it right there. But, in this situation, she had her abdomen taken care of. I've seen so many patients in South America. I see the complications, and that obviously could happen to anyone.

Host: So often, when we see these kind of cases, we're quick to blame the person, not the doctor.

Dr. Nassif: So, if it's not a doctor going to a filling party in someone's homes, you know, and back of this [inaudible 00:02:13], they have something put in. It's not a board-certified specialist. That's a patient's problem. However, you can have a "Botched" resolved from having a complication after having an excellent doctor perform the surgery. Listen, all doctors get poor outcome. Anyone who says they don't, don't go to them. Don't believe them. We all do. We do our best though. It is a doctor's fault though, in certain situations, if it's not a board-certified specialist, or they don't know what they're doing, or they shouldn't be doing something, or they're operating out of field where, basically, neofacial plastic surgeons doing tummy-tucks, lipo, breast augs. Uh-uh, shouldn't be doing it.

Host: Between you and Dr. Dubrow...

Dr. Nassif: Yes.

Host: Who is the better doctor?

Dr. Nassif: Of course, I am. I mean you know that already. Again, come on.

Host: I do know that, but I think our audience, RealSelfers want to know why are you the top man?

Dr. Nassif: Well, I have to tell you from a serious note. You know, my brother from another mother, Terry, he's fantastic. He's a great surgeon. I'd have him operate on me anytime. Now, from the light-hearted stuff, of course, I'm a better technician, you know. I'm the better surgeon.

Host: Of course, of course.

Dr. Nassif: I did not say anything else because I'm not going to get, you know, into any type of comments that are controversial.

Host: And I think why people love the show so much is because you and Dr. Dubrow have what we like to call "a tube bromance."

Dr. Nassif: Yes, we do.

Host: So cute.

Dr. Nassif: He's fantastic. But I'll see you guys next week.

Host: Very excited. Hi from everyone at RealSelf. We love you.

Botched Season 1, Episode 4: Dr. Nassif Reveals What He Really Thinks of Justin Bieber Lookalike Toby Sheldon

RealSelf catches up with Dr. Paul Nassif to get behind-the-scenes scoop on Botched Episode 4. What are his real feelings on Bieber lookalike Toby Sheldon? Does he think he’s a better doctor than Terry Dubrow? Watch the video to find out!