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- Botched Episode 2. Let's talk about my homegirl Cheryl.

- Your homegirl? She's Chinese, have you...

- Hey, we got an Asian sisterhood.

- Okay, I like that. Um... huge surgery. Westernization plastic surgery. Sometimes Asians don't have what we call a... you know there's a fold right here. So epicanthal fold, so we're creating that for them. However what she did, she had her eye, the corners of her eye, called the canthis dropped. And she was asking us to reverse that. If you look at Cheryl, some of it may have been the make up, but her eye's already up. So to try to take someone and even make them up higher... She was already too high. So it was not realistic. You cannot really do that surgery, plus we'll make her look horrible.

- Cheryl was also a self-injector. What are the risks of doing, of injecting yourself?

- I think the first episode I think I was giving-, I told Terri that I gave myself some Botox.
[[00:01:10]][inaudible]I gave myself the needle. That's one thing.

- Yeah you did.

- But a novice or a non... I would not recommend that to anybody else watching the show, to go put something in their face. I've seen probably over 50 or 60 patients where I can't help them. They've destroyed their face. A few people have done it themselves. Most of the time there's some fake "nurse" or a fake "doctor" doing it in some back-alley shop somewhere or in someone's home. So, yes, step away from the needle. Do not have it done. Gotta make sure you're doing the right thing, because that can be really, really... That can destroy your life. It really can.

- Okay, let's talk about Paul. He had a nose job that gave him these migraine headaches. He's like covered in ice packs. How does that even happen?
- I'm not 100% sure, first of all, if Paul's headaches were caused by his previous rhinoplasty. Unless somehow the doctor made the septum so deviated that it was touching something inside of his wall. Now, will my surgery that I did on Paul help his migraines? And we're still working on that, and I don't know. In general, the answer is no. Migraines will not get helped by rhinoplasty. Botox may help migraines, but not usually rhinoplasty.

- We can't do this without talking about Janice. What didn't make the cut with Janice? You gotta give us the behind the scenes scoop. Cause we have it here, tell us.

- She wanted me to look at her face and maybe do a revision face lift on her. But one, it wasn't botched. You know... and so she really didn't need anything from me. And her face is fine and we left it alone, so straight body.

- Dr. Dubrow and Janice were talking about setting you up with some of her supermodel friends. I would love to know if we're gonna see more of your personal life on camera, and has a patient ever set you up with anybody?

- Actually Terry is constantly doing that, trying to set me up. Did I get setup with one of her supermodel friends? No, I did not let it happen. I have other patients try to set me up. Especially moms wanting to set me up with their daughters, et cetera. Yes, that happens all the time. Do I do it? The answer is 99.9% no. But I've been asked all the time. All the time.

- Thank you for your honesty. And that was After the After with Dr. Paul Nassif. Be sure to watch him on his new show: Botched on E! after the Kardashians. That's 10 p.m. on Sunday nights. Thanks! See you next week.
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After the After: Botched Season 1, Episode 2: Janice Dickinson Extras

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