Hi, I'm Elizabeth Morgan. I am a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta. Today I want to talk to you about filler and what's called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. There's a bit of a controversy. Is it better to have more filler or is it better to have less filler with PRP? Because some people believe that PRP which is a component taken from your blood will give you more and better filler results when you combine it. So I tried this on myself because I find that's a good way to test something that's a bit controversial for which there's not a lot of research. So I had blood drawn from myself just as I would for you if you were gonna have platelet rich plasma in my office. Then I spun it down and I took out that little special part in my blood which has platelets in it which are little blood clotting cells. They do have growth factors so that's the idea behind using them. Then I did a little experiment on myself. I injected in the back of this hand, right there, a little bit - a tenth of a cc - of filler. And on the back of this hand I injected the same amount of filler plus a tenth of a cc of platelet rich plasma. If platelet rich plasma had an effect, this area here should be larger than this area here. It should be twice as large and frankly it's about the same size. My feeling is if you want a better filler result, have more filler. Spare your self going through platelet rich plasma because I really don't think it's gonna give you any magical result. Have a great day and let us know that we can help you.

New Trend in Fillers: Surgeon Tests the Controversial Technique on Herself

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and whether the new fad method of combining PRP with fillers will provide better results.