Belotero is a wonderful facial injection. It's derived from a sugar acid so it's a natural injection but it's also a fine injection. In other words, all the other fillers that are on the market are meant to fill in facial volumes or for deeper lines. Belotero was designed as a very fine hyaluronic acid. What's wonderful about Belotero is it can be used for fine lines around the mouth, for fine lines around the eyes. I primarily use Belotero under the eyes to fill in the tear troughs or people look tired. I also use Belotero as a wonderful tool to inject the areas around the lips. A lot of my patients have lines around the lips from sun damage or from smoking and I can camouflage all that with Belotero, so that's why it's the ideal product for use to fill fine lines around the face.

Belotero Is the Fine Wrinkle Eraser

Dr. Michele Green discusses her use of Belotero for the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and how it works without adding too much additional volume, as some of the other fillers would.