How do you choose a facelift surgeon? Finding the plastic surgeon to perform your facelift or any facial rejuvenation surgery is a process that deserves a great deal of time and careful research. Look for a plastic surgeon who has received excellent training from a prestigious university and medical center and who has a great deal of experience with the procedures in which you are interested.

Evaluating before and after photographs is an important part of the process. Look for dozens of photographs that show natural appearing results that are appealing to you. Just a handful of photographs may not be enough. Photographs are not the only part of the process, but they certainly will help to rule out the surgeons that are not for you and they will provide a clear window into each surgeon's aesthetic sensibility. When you evaluate before and after photographs, look closely at the details. Look carefully for visible scars, for changes in the hair line, for changes in the contours of or even the position of the ears. Look at the neck to see if it's clean and smooth and sculpted. Look around the eyes to see if there are hollow areas or if there are areas that are badly overfilled.

In my opinion, plastic surgery, great plastic surgery looks natural. It doesn't make people look like surgery patients. I perform a great deal of revisional facial cosmetic plastic surgery. Often, all too frequently, really smart people make quick decisions. They may be wowed by a handful of photographs, they may be price shopping, they may be interested in an early availability on the surgery schedule. The reality of this is that you only have one face and what you're considering is a permanent change to it. So, take your time, do your homework, and think long and hard about the surgeon that you choose.

Also bear in mind that you're not only choosing a surgeon. You're also choosing a surgical team and a surgical facility who will be in charge of not just your appearance, but also your health and well-being. Take your time, be thoughtful about it, and you'll come out on the other side with a result that's beautiful and natural appearing. Ideally the process will be a pleasant one as well.

Can You Trust Before and After Photos? Here's What to Look For

Dr. Michael Law explains that you should take plenty of time before choosing a facelift surgeon. He offers his tips for what to look for in before-and-after photos that will help to further guide you.