Either with increasing age or significant weight loss, there's often an excess of body skin and fat tissues in the area of the back and abdomen. Some mild cases may be treated with procedures such as tummy tuck or liposuction. In some patients, however, excess skin and fat are present not only in the abdominal area, but also around the hips, back, buttocks, and outer thighs. The appearance of the lower body demonstrates generalized skin sagging with repetitive folds and irregularities along with the stubborn areas of fat deposits. A lower body lift can remedy this problem and pleasantly contouring the body as it tightens the tummy and lifts the buttocks and thighs. Incisions are usually placed in locations that are hidden by most clothing. The results after this procedure include an improved body shape, skin appearance, and fat contouring.

Back Rolls, Tummy Pooch, or Saggy Butt? Treat Them All With a Lower Body Lift

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how a lower body lift works, what areas are targeted, and what results can be expected.