Right now we're seeing a lot of stuff on at-home devices; Clarisonic, the No-No, the blue and red LEDs. Can you talk to me a little bit about the trends and what I, as a consumer, should be looking at. Are these great things for me to be purchasing?

Dr. Daniel Levy: I do use a Clarisonic and I think that's a useful tool to exfoliate the skin. I'll say there are devices such as New Face and there's some ultrasound devices which claim to tighten and lift. Those are the ones that are really treacherous to me for the consumer because they're making a pretty significant claim that they're going to help you lift the contours of your face with an at-home treatment device. Really, there is no at-home treatment device that has enough energy to change the architecture of your collagen to really make a three dimensional change.

Paula Begoun: I would agree about the Clarisonic. I think it's a fine option. I think that it's not significantly better than a wash cloth with your gentle water soluble cleanser. That's a manual exfoliation.

Interviewer: Okay.

Paula Begoun: But some people love it. There's nothing wrong with it. Overdoing it would always be the issue because you could cause inflammation. The one thing you can absolutely avoid are these ridiculous roller balls that you're supposed to run under the eye, that are metal and cool and they're supposed to get rid of puffy eyes. The reason for puffy eyes are so complicated that the notion you can run a roller ball over it and metal in the morning. Just get up and walk around. Make sure you take off your make-up at night. Leaving make-up on often makes the eyes puffy, allergies, I mean there's so many other things you could do, the roller ball is just silly.

Dr. Daniel Levy: There has to be an index where you measure efficacy according to value and results. So to say that something is going to stimulate my collagen a little bit, or somewhat, because there's some science behind it, to me is not valuable enough. You can have all the basic science in the world, but I need to see a three dimensional result that is reproducible for anyone who I suggest it to.

At-Home Beauty Device Trends: Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy Share What Works

Can you get amazing results in the comfort of your home? “Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy discuss what works when it comes to at-home devices, especially handheld lasers.