Dr. Steven Weiner: Hi, this is Dr. Steven Weiner from the Aesthetic Clinique. Today we were going to talk about the ArteFill. ArteFill is a permanent filler that has been shown to last at least five years and it's been on the market for several years, but we just started using it because we wanted to see how it has been doing in other patients before we started using it. So ArteFill is made up of a combination of collagen and PMMA, polymethylmethacrylate. Polymethylmethacrylate is an inert substance, which means it doesn't get degraded by the body and it stays there and it creates a collagen response by the body and that's what gives you the long lasting fill.

So the collagen which is added to it is added only as a carrier to assist in its injection and it lasts for only about three to four maybe up to six weeks. The only caveat with injecting the collagen with the PMMA in the ArteFill is that you have to do a skin test and the skin test is done approximately anywhere from a week to a month before you have the procedure done and that's just to see if you have an allergy. It's a very, very low probability to have allergy in collagen. It's probably 1 in 10,000 or something. So what we're doing to do here is we're going to inject ArteFill and we're going to do it in what we call kit. A kit is five syringes and that's typically what we use in a patient when we do ArteFill and Janice here, she works for us and we've been noticing that her cheeks are sinking a little bit so we're going to give her a little cheek lift with the ArteFill.

She also has lost a little bit of volume in what we call a prejowl sulcus which is right here, a little bit in the chin crease and then we're going to fill this area back here and that part of the jaw because what happens with the jaw as you get older, it goes from this to this. You start losing of them in what we call the angle of the jaw. So we're going to try to recreate that angle of the jaw back here. I'm going to use a cannula which I use for all my fillers and I've already put a little bit big holes where I'm going to start the cannula. So we'll start right here with the right cheek and we go in and this has lidocaine already mixed in. So it's a very comfortable procedure for the patient. As I'm doing this, she's going to get number and her cheeks are going through here.

Are you doing okay?

Janice: Yeah.

Dr. Steven Weiner: So we're almost halfway done here with the upper cheeks. So you can see, her cheeks are now a little bit fuller on that side, so then we'll move on down. Of course, I can syringe here and we're going to go here and we're going to go in the prejowl sulcus area. This is just filling in real gap that you see, and the prejowl sulcus right here, so that's pretty good. Then I'll come over here and I'll do the jaw line. This is great because she doesn't take any supplements, so it's very little duty here. All right. Sorry Janice.

Janice: Yeah.

Dr. Steven Weiner: Okay. So we've now put in two syringes, one in the upper cheek and one in the prejowl sulcus and one over here by the jaw. So we'll basically do the same thing to the other side. Janice, are you doing okay over there?

Janice: Oh yeah.

Dr. Steven Weiner: Okay, good. There is a little bit of areas that might have caused a little bit of discomfort. Usually via the second hand, but the second hand is actually helping fill in so. Anyways, so if you want to know about more ArteFill or permanent filler that stimulates your own collagen and has been shown to improve over the next five years, not just improve immediately but it continues to improve over five years, give us a call at the Aesthetic Clinique, 850-622-1214. Thank you.

Artefill Volumization of the Cheeks

Doctor Steven Weiner demonstrates the use of Artefill to add volume to the cheeks.