With regard to arm liposuction, the arms are an area that not every surgeon does with liposuction, and it's a little bit more of an advanced area in terms of contouring, but it's a fantastic area to do. The reason is, is the arms, if a woman is full in her arms, usually it's a genetic thing that her family's had or her mother's had or her sisters have it, and if she has that fullness when she's younger, it gets worse with time.

It gets worse with time because I call this area gravitationally prone. If there's fullness there to begin with, it begins to make the tissue want to drop and settle, and as time goes on, that gets worse, that looseness, and at some point, it's gotten too loose to consider liposuction surgery. So, if you have that fullness when you're younger, it's very important to consider, in terms of balancing your body out and taking care of the dis-proportion.

Not only is it going to make it look better in the short term, but it's also going to help prevent the area from getting worse with time. It's doing that for two reasons. First of all, you're reducing the weight of the fat on that tissue that's dragging it down. Secondly, you get a lot of retraction of the skin that tends to support that area as years go on, and prevents it from dropping. So, once again the arms are a beautiful area to do liposuction that can not only make short term improvements, but give long term prevention.

Arm Liposuction

Dr. David Amron discusses the great results he's able to achieve by performing an arm liposuction procedure.