Patients commonly ask me, are the results of liposuction permanent? And they are permanent. The amount of fat that I'm removing with liposuction surgery does not come back. So the results of liposuction surgery are permanent, but it does not mean that you don't have to pay attention to your role in things. Your role in things is to keep your weight down, and to keep your muscle tone good. Because if you let yourself gain weight, it's true. The fat does not come back in those areas. And if it's done properly, you are made proportionate. You should not have the fat come back into other areas. But it still is important that you pay attention to keeping your weight down, and keep your muscle tone good. Because if muscle gets loose, the area will get fuller again and looser again. Because the fat is connected to the skin, and that's connected to the muscle also. So if you get loose and the muscle tone gets loose, everything will follow suit. And you may think you're getting fat in the area, but it's just looseness. So once again, the results of liposuction themselves, are permanent.

Are the Results of Liposuction Permanent

Dr. David Amron confirms the permanent results of Liposuction. He also outlines the patient role in maintaining good physical fitness.