Woman: Do I have eyelid ptosis or extra skin?

Dr. Prasad: Determining if your eyes droop because of ptosis or extra skin can be challenging. Ptosis is defined by the position of the eyelid margin relative to the pupil. If you have extra skin, the weight of your skin can affect the position of your eyelids. This is referred to as mechanical ptosis. When I evaluate a patient for ptosis, I lift the extra skint o see where the eyelid margin is positioned. If the eyelid level remains low, then it's likely you have ptosis. This means that if you have a blepharoplasty only, your eyes will remain low unless your ptosis is also addressed.

Are My Eyelids Sagging or Is There Too Much Skin?

Dr. Amiya Prasad differentiates extra eyelid skin over defective eyelid muscles. A routine examination by an experienced eyelid specialty surgeon can make the exact determination.