Today we're going to discuss rhinoplasty for a deviated septum insurance. That was a question that was sent to me. So, really, what does that mean?

If you're having a deviated septum repaired or other functional issues with your nose, we can bill that to the insurance. So if someone has a deviated septum, hypertrophic turbinates, they have what we call an internal or external valve collapse or incompetence. These are functional issues which can cause nasal obstructions. So, usually, we'll tell the insurance company, "You know, this person has these functional issues. However, at the same time, they need to have some cosmetic work." So the cosmetic work will be charged to the patient, and the insurance will not get that, and the functional portion can be charged to the insurance company. However, the insurance company may or may not choose to pay that, and that's why it's good to get a preauthorization.

So we always tell our patients, "You know, we can help you and we can bill it to the insurance company for this portion. However, we can't guarantee that they will pay for it." Hope this helps. Thank you so much.

Are Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures Covered by Insurance?

There are some functional procedures regarding your rhinoplasty that can be covered by your insurance. Dr. Paul Nassif covers in this video some procedures that are considered functional, rather than cosmetic, that some insurances will consider.