I think both have their merits. Underneath it to me is really to have a sculpting effect. If you really want to lift and sculpt and contour, then it has to be injected and it has to be at a deeper plane, either in the dermal or in the subcutaneous plane. Now, if you just want a polishing or plumping effect, then an eye cream for example that contains hyaluronic acid can be very useful to smoothing out just fine lines around the eyes that you really maybe can't get with Botox and that are too fine and superficial to inject a filler into. Sometimes even around the lips if you just need a little bit of volume to augment the whole volume, but you need to use a lip plumper that contains hyaluronic acid to get the really fine lines on the edge of the lip. So, they can be synergistic in that way, but the topical hyaluronic acids to me are more just for fine lines and the injectible HAs are really for contouring and deeper molding and sculpting.

Are Creams or Injectible FIllers More Beneficial For Anti-Aging?

Fillers and other products such as Botox have been used for years for anti-aging efforts but Dr. Daniel Levy explains how the future looks for creams and other topicals that promise similar results, minus the needle.