Today we're going to discuss the Rhinoplasty Procedure because a lot of the patients come to me and they say, "Dr. Nassef, tell us a little bit about the procedure." What we usually do is we'll take a game plan where we'll actually have an operative plan check. We'll say, "Okay, first we're going to do a septoplasty and then we're going to address the turbinates and do a turbinoplasty. Then we're going to do an open rhinoplasty where we make a long incision right here, lift up the skin, take down the hump of the nose, make the tip a little bit smaller. Hopefully it's stronger. We're going to put spreader graphs in. We're going to put tip suturing. We're going to do a cephalic trim which means make the tip smaller. We're going to do these different things. Then were going to close up the nose. We're also going to put some rim graphs after we close the [inaudible 00:00:48] incision. Depending on really what we're trying to do, when the patient asks, "What is the procedure?", it's basically numerous operative steps and it's usually to see if it's an open or closed rhinoplasty. Thank you.

Any of These Steps Could Be in Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Paul Nassif, talks about Rhinoplasty and the various options that can be done in a procedure and why they would be recommended for each patient.