There are a lot of things
that people come across today. The problem is,
I think a lot of people may think that you
can use one thing, and it'll be the silver
bullet that nails it. but I think today you need
to use a lot of different treatments,
including fillers, lasers, topical creams,
that will actually target, you know, that
problem. So, I don't think that typically one
treatment will typically you know, treat a problem.
You have to use many things a lot of
times. And I think that's the best way to
approach a problem. So I think the best way to do
it is when you have somebody come into
your office and you have a consult, you
can speak to them face to face. That's
always the easiest way.

Anti-Aging: Is There A Silver Bullet?

Dr. Adam Greenberg discusses how to approach anti-aging with multiple treatments.