So today's question comes from RealSelf, and it's all about "What is the way that we can make this Thermi process the most comfortable for the patient?" The question alludes to essentially local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

There are different levels of comfort that we can use. For the vast, vast majority of my patients, I think local anesthesia is going to be just fine. And sometimes for those individuals who have a little bit of extra anxiety, we may give them a little Valium or a little bit of Halcyon even before they get to the office. And so by the time they get here, everything is smooth sailing.

For those individuals who may need a little bit more, we may give them an oral medication for pain as well and, therefore, that really relaxes them through the whole process. The numbing or the local anesthesia that we use is very similar to the dentist, and essentially it just takes about five minutes to put it in. Once that's in there we give the patient ample time to not only relax from the P.O. sedation and the pain medicine, but also let that numbing medicine go to work.

The procedure takes about 90 minutes, and for us that is the way we do our Thermi here at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery. I want to thank RealSelf once again for the great question.

Which Anesthesia Is Best Before a ThermiRF Treatment?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers your questions on RealSelf about ThermiRF and which anesthesia method might be best.