For genetic reasons, a lot of people will just have a bad looking neck and they will acquire fat here or they will have had it all their life. And if they don't have a good angle to the neck, you will definitely notice it even more. So someone's young and just has a little bit of fat here or even a lot of fat here, you enough, you can just do some liposuction, get rid of that fat. You'll get some skin retraction and everything will look pretty good. Over about age 45, if you try to do just liposuction, sometimes they don't have enough elasticity that the skin will retract on its own and then you have to say to them, "Okay, you need to think about doing something to tighten the skin at the same because if we take all that fat over there, you're then going to just have loose skin hanging, so you need to think about doing a little bit more than just taking out the fat."

With neck liposuction, there are certain things that you just have to be more careful of than you would in the body. One is the amount of suction you're applying and also what's very important is the cannula size that you're using. You don't want to be using a cannula that you would be using to do a regular liposuction on the body. It is too aggressive and you will take out too much fat. If you do a huge amount of liposuction in the neck, what can happen is you will start to expose the muscles underneath. You'll actually lose the smooth appearance to the neck and you skeletonized the neck so that the skin will sort of stick to the muscles and you'll start to see the striations of the muscles. So you have to be much more gentle and delicate in the neck. We use a smaller type cannula and you make sure that it's facing downward. If it's facing the skin, you will lose a protective layer of fat that's on the skin and you definitely will start to see some problems with seeing the muscle underneath.

Liposuction on the Neck: What Are the Best Options For Different Ages?

Dr. John Martin discusses the options available to a patient who wants liposuction on the neck, from someone in their 20s with an extra bit of fat to an older patient with sagging jowls.