We offer in our practice a Coolsculpting and a Coolsculpting is something that pretty much any body can be a candidate for. There's no down time. Coolsculpting uses a technology called cryolipolysis and the fat is literally frozen and results can start to be seen as soon as four weeks but usually a peak at around four months. We also offer Venus Legacy which is a radio frequency based technology that offers skin tightening. So there are patients who do not want to have liposuction and do not want to have body contouring by surgery and so those options are there for those patients who would like to maybe study for the bar exam while they're having Coolsculpting or maybe bring in their paperwork or do other office related things. Coolsculpting is a technology that relies on cooling to the point of freezing of fat cells and fat cells then die by a process called apoptosis. The process takes about an hour and it was developed at the Mass General Hospital by Harvard researchers and had been around for probably five years and we have used it for two years with excellent results.

2 Ways an Hourglass Shape Can Be Achieved Without Getting Surgery

Getting the perfect body shape is often on a woman's mind. Now with these new non-invasive technologies, Dr. Francisco Canales explains that women everywhere are getting bikini ready without going under the knife.