Amy: Hi, I'm Amy. I'm 25 and I'm a working professional and a mom. I'm here to have the CoolSculpting treatment today. I work out regularly and I eat healthy and I have a little problem area on my stomach that I just can't get to go away. I'm here because I know that this treatment is non-invasive. There's no scarring involved with it. It has little to no downtime. I love the convenience of it because I can come on my lunch break so it's not cutting into my time with my son when I get home. I'm really excited to have the treatment.

Doctor: We're going to be assessing Amy's stomach. That's the area that we're going to be treat today. This is her primary area of concern. We want to make sure that she's a good candidate. We see that we do have some good pinchable fat that we could deal with over here. What we're going to do is first we're going to clean off the treatment area with a little bit of alcohol and we're going to look for the highest point of the bulge on her stomach and that's where we're going center the applicator. For Amy, it's right about here and what we're going to do is go in and actually mark where the applicator is going to go and extend it just a little bit beyond and between these two marks is where our cooling plate is going to be and when we go back, as we can see, we're getting the primary area where we want to shape.

Now we're going to apply the gel pad and in preparation for fixing the applicator. Now that we're getting ready to apply the gel pad, just pretty delicate, we want that to go right over the center of our treatment area. We're going to remove any little bubbles and creases along the way that we can. Okay, now that we've been sure that there's no tears and we've gotten all the air bubbles out, we're ready to apply our applicator and start our treatment. Okay, she's all ready to be hooked up right now. We've got our applicator. We've got it set to lower abdominals. Our massage segment is already where it should be. We've got our gel pad connected on and now we're going to start the vacuum. Now you're just going to feel a little intense tugging for just a moment and then after about five to 10 minutes, the area is going to go numb. I just want to line up the cooling plates, make sure everything is exactly where we want them. Okay, are you ready? All right, here it goes. Okay and that's it.

Now the applicator's hooked up. We're going to get her nice and comfortable with a little pillow underneath so it has plenty of support. Does that feel comfortable for you?

Amy: Yup.

Doctor: Okay, perfect. Then we can start our cooling and once we hear that little noise, we know that we have 60 minutes left and let's begin our treatment cycle. All right, so Amy's treatment's done at this point. The little marker has gone off so we are going to disconnect her and massage the area that we just treated. As you can see, we have a nice little frozen area from where we did the treatment. What we're going to do next is do a little bit of aggressive massage for about one minute and then a lighter pressure massage for another minute. Okay and after a minute or two of massaging, then her treatment's complete and she'll be ready to hooked up to the other side.

Amy: While I was having the treatment, I just took out my iPad and finished some work, talked to my husband. When I first had the applicator applied, I felt a little bit of tugging and pressure but that soon went away. Five to 10 minutes, I was numb. I basically sat there and at the end, actually came back in. She took the applicator off and when she took the applicator off, the actual area that was being treated almost looks like a block. They kind of compare it to like a block of butter. Honestly, the treatment was amazing. I didn't really think it was going to be so easy and I definitely will do it again.

Amy's CoolSculpting Treatment For the Tummy Pooch

Dr. Christian Drehsen documented his patient Amy's first CoolSculpting treatment experience. Amy is a 25-year-old working professional and mom.