Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon here in Atlanta and today I want to talk to you about what are called pectoral implants or what you may think of as chest implants. These implants are done for a number of reasons. For men who want more of a muscular look in their upper chest or for people who have abnormalities of the chest that they're born with, the most common being something called Poland syndrome, where the pectoral muscle doesn't develop, but also there may be changes in the ribs.

So, let me first explain to you about the silicone used in one of these implants. The silicone used is called Super Soft. You can see that it's a very, very soft silicone. It bends and squishes really like normal muscle tissue. Next, what is the shape of a pectoral implant? If you're having a pectoral implant for a cosmetic reason, then you want an implant shaped like this, and that's because the pectoral muscle sits on the chest in a broad shape, starting up here at the shoulder and continuing across the upper two-thirds of the chest. But if you have something like Poland syndrome, where there are abnormalities in the ribs and tissues are not normal, then you're going to want a custom made implant, and these can be made either by making a mold or actually by getting a CT scan and getting a digitally made implant.

Whatever the implant, it's put in as an outpatient surgery procedure, using a small incision here under the arm, to put in the implant, either under the muscle to protect it further, forward to make you look muscular, or to project it over the ribs, if they're sunken in. These are great implants with new silicone technology, so give us a call if we can help you.

All About Pectoral Implants: What Are They Made of and How Are They Used?

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses the different types of pectoral implants. She explains how the silicone feels, how you have the option for custom implants or stock implants, and how the implants are placed into the body.