Charo Suzuki: Let's talk about Kimber. Now, she mentioned that she wants a white picket fence and a normal great guy. Do people really think that plastic surgery is gonna solve all their problems and make a better life?

Dr. Paul Nassif: Does plastic surgery, in general, solve life issues? No. We have to make sure the patient has realistic expectations. Why are they getting the surgery? And if it's the wrong reason, and if they think it's gonna completely change their life dramatically, then we don't. We have to try to get them some psychological counseling.

Charo Suzuki: Kimber has complained about a nasally voice. Now, is rhinoplasty something that can fix a nasally voice?

Dr. Paul Nassif: Fixing the air way usually will give us more air. And you're gonna have more pitch, more volume, more clarity, and usually less nasal sound. I mean, if you think of it, if you can't breathe, you talk more like this.

Charo Suzuki: [laughs]

Dr. Paul Nassif: So you can't talk and that's... You know, what is that? You know, what kind of voice is that?

Charo Suzuki: With rhinoplasties, are a lot of people asking when they can get back to getting busy? What's your answer for that? [laughs]

Dr. Paul Nassif: Basically, from a rhinoplasty standpoint, we don't like a lot of physical activity because it will cause more nasal swelling or you have to be careful of trauma. So I basically have to tell each individual to use common sense in that area. So if they're not gonna do a lot of physical activity, basically, maybe kinda be more in the relaxed position, if you wanna say that way, then that's probably fine, I assume from the intercourse standpoint. We just don't want a lot... We don't wanna a heart rate up a lot. We don't want that because that will cause more swelling. Four weeks is the magic number usually for that.

Charo Suzuki: Okay, Jenn, such a sweet girl. And when you were in there, you found a wire suture. How does that happen? And what are the other like crazy things you found in noses?

Dr. Paul Nassif: I found all kinds of metal. Basically when we put these implants and fix facial fractures, I find these metal rods inside the nose. I found weird type of implants that were even not surgical and medical grade. I found permanent packing. Someone left packing in the nose by accident. Things like that.

Charo Suzuki: So Jenn aspired to come to you years ago, but she couldn't afford it. So she had two surgeries since then. And do you think she was in a place where she felt like she had to bargain shop?

Dr. Paul Nassif: That is a problem as patients do do bargain shopping. And sometimes they don't find the right doctor. Because, when it comes to rhinoplasty, you have to go to someone who has a lot of experience because that's the one surgery that has the highest revision rate, possibly close to 20%. So yeah. I mean, I gotta tell you, I'd like hearing that. It made me feel happy, but at the same point sad, because she did have some unsuccessful surgery. But that, you know, the good aspect was that she thought about me a long time ago.

Charo Suzuki: And that was "After The After" with Dr. Paul Nassif. Be sure to watch him on his new show, "Botched" on E! after "The Kardashians." That's 10 p.m. on Sunday's nights. Thanks. See you next week.

Botched Season 1, Episode 3: Dr. Nassif Talks Sex After Nose Jobs, Weirdest Things He's Pulled Out of Noses

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