Dr. Bennett: We're going to be doing a breast exam and making sure we fit your desires and needs into your anatomy. We want to make sure the result is as comfortable as possible and recovery is as quick as possible. With this, we have a no pain, no pain philosophy.

Dr. Hardesty: Yes. Through the years Dr. Bennett and I have developed a technique. It really has four parts. Number one, a small incision. Number two, precise and delicate dissection. Number three, a inter-operative pain block. And number four, the pain pump. This pain pump is optional but what it does is it drips in an ingredient like novocaine, which your dentist uses in the office to decrease the pain. A matter of fact, we often have our patients going back to computer work the next day. Why? There's no narcotics.

Dr. Bennett: We want this to be a fun and exciting experience for you, minimizing your discomfort but getting you that uplifted, enhanced breast that you desire.

Dr. Hardesty: We've come up with the term organic. Why organic? Its part of you. What we do is take your fat, purify it, and we're able to inject that fat into your breasts to enhance the great size and shape.

Dr. Bennett: We customize each surgery to your desires and needs.

"No Pain, No Pain": Rapid Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Hardesty and Dr. Della Bennett explain how patients can get back to work more quickly with the help of a few extra steps.