Acne is a disease I take really seriously. Lots of dermatologists, “Oh, you got acne. Here’s a couple of creams or pill. I’ll see you in three months.” There’s so much more to acne. I mean, the psychosocial things that you deal with with the children or young adults, every part of acne treatment has to be thought out. We have great medicines now. I mean, compared to 20 years ago, 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, we have some really good medicines, not all shattering. They’re just little derivatives. They extended tablets, extended life tablets or creams and gels [inaudible 0:00:43] cosmetically elegant and will dry you out or irritate you as much as they used to. But we have devices, and that’s where we can actually use technology to treat what we do. In this case, acne. There’s blue light sources that work really well in office, take home. There’s post light, the IPL type of devices, one in particular uses of vacuum to stick the skin closure to the white source and we can actually destroy selectively the bacteria that makes the acne go away and that can clear people in two days, two weeks.

It just depends on how bad and what we’re treating. I can treat white heads, black heads, inflammatory pimples. We incorporate technology, the clarisonic type of washes. The clarisonic, these are [inaudible 00:01:34] because I think it really works or my acne patients are using it because it actually cleans the skin better. So we combine these things together for our patients. Now, the only bad part of all that is out of pocket. Medicines, for most part, are covered this is out of pocket so we keep the cost as reasonable as we can to make it affordable for almost everybody. But we can do so much more and then from that psychosocial side, if you’re a mom and you’re bringing your son or daughter to me every other week or three weeks for their acne and realize how good I can make their acne, when all of a sudden, the two kids are whatever in school, and you’re going, well, you know, I didn’t realize but Dr. Gold does Botox, he does Juvederm and Restylane, he does Xeomin and Dysport and he’s got 25 to 30 lasers and 20 more on the side that he doesn't even tell me about.

All of a sudden, mom is coming in and all mom’s friends are coming in so there’s a whole business side of this that if you actually pay attention to the acne, it can [inaudible 00:02:43] and so that’s been. . .I spend a lot of time with acne because I love treating kids with acne. The other side of the coin is I take care of their parents, too.

Acne Treatment Options: The Modern Medicines You Need to Know About

Dr. Michael Gold discusses modern acne treatments.