Dr. Michael Edwards: Any breast implant that's placed in your body, your body naturally walls that implant on and creates a capsule. So every woman who has a breast implant has a capsule. We want that capsule to be soft so that when you hug somebody or touch yourself or do your breast exams that they feel soft and natural. When that capsule is tight and it can happen for a variety of reasons, whether be trauma, it can be from having an associated infection. You can have a sinus infection sometimes and that can cause an intrinsic response. It's still something that's being studied relatively extensively but if in fact you have that, there are some conservative measures that you could start with. Massage if it's early and sometimes vitamin E, it depends upon the provider, some off label products as well. But if it gets to a point where it won't respond to these conservative measures then surgery is the next best step.

Are There At-Home Remedies to Treat Capsular Contracture?

Dr. Michael Edwards explains capsular contracture, why it is a problem, and a few things patients can try at home to remedy the problem before going in for surgery.