Hi. I'm Dr. Young. So now what I'm going to show you is subcision technique and essentially what I did already right here is I've detailed the scar around it by using this 11-blade and what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick it up and I'm going to try to cut under it and elevate it a little bit around the surrounding area. Kind of elevate the tissues a little bit and try to get it to come up a little bit more. And this entails releasing some of that scar below it. See how it comes up a little bit more? Yeah, that's the goal here, to try to get it to come up a little bit more. I'm just cutting under it to get it to rise up. So now, it's kind of above the whole area here, and I'll try to grab it in the deeper tissue, so it's just kind of floating there, kind of floating there. And what I do next is put a couple sutures around it and that pretty much shows you the subcision technique. And then once that heals over, then we'll resurface that and we were just starting to do another subcision here where we cut all the way around that and we're going to also lift it up.

A Subcision Technique May Be Used to Elevate a Sunken Acne Scar

Dr. Philip Young demonstrates subcision, which entails incising around the depressed scar and releasing its tethering scar from below and allowing the depression to rise to the level of the surrounding skin.