Hello, I'm Dr. Mabrie, and this video is going to be about using fillers for nonsurgical chin augmentation. We're going to see some keynote slides with some before and afters of my own patients, some 3-D illustration of how the injections work, and finally, we'll have a live injection with one of my patients receiving nonsurgical chin augmentation.

As we've mentioned in previous videos, the chin is key to the attractive face. It really defines not only the neck but the entire face. When someone has a severely small chin, a surgical implant can augment the chin and improve the appearance of their face. For patients who don't need major chin augmentation, nonsurgical chin augmentation is a great option. When we're nonsurgically enhancing the chin, the filler is placed in the same area, but it's placed using a needle and it's done in the office.

We have three options for chin augmentation. My favorite is the Radiesse, because it tends to last longer, lasts a year. It's thicker than a Perlane is, which is more of a gel-like substance. If you're not sure about the nonsurgical chin augmentation, it's a good option because it's reversible, and it's not as much of a commitment to the process.

First thing I do is draw where we're going to do some of the augmentation, so we're going to enhance this part of your chin, and we'll also do a little bit along the jawline. A little poke here, I like that.

When doing a surgical chin augmentation, a Silastic chin implant is used, and this goes along the board of the mandible and can improve the profile. Here's an example of that. In this gentleman with a very small chin, we were able to greatly enhance his profile by adding a large chin implant. This is an example where a chin augmentation combined with liposuction can improve proportion of someone's face.

This is what I like about the nonsurgical is that we can make micro-adjustments. You see, there's a little shadow right there. That here, it's very smooth and straight, but there's a little bit of an indentation here, so I'm going to come and augment the side just a little bit more. Other advantages of the nonsurgical chin augmentation involve the aging face. In areas around the corners of the mouth, the Marionette lines. we can place fillers here to remove the shadows by adding fillers along the chin for a nonsurgical chin augmentation. The face can look a lot more youthful and look fresher.

All right, so tell me what you think.

Female: I like it. It looks really good.

Dr. Mabrie: Nonsurgical chin augmentation is something that I'm really excited about. Hopefully in this video, you see the advantages of nonsurgical chin augmentation where you can augment someone's face in the office in a very short and safe procedure.

One, two, three, thank you.

Female: Thank you.

Dr. Mabrie: Thank you very much, nice working with you.

Female: Thank you so much.

Dr. Mabrie: I hope the video was helpful and thank you for your attention.

The Chin Is the Key to an Attractive Face: Here's How to Get a Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Dr. David Mabrie illustrates non-surgical chin augmentation with keynote slides, 3-D illustrations, and a live demonstration with one his patients.