When discussing rhinoplasty, it's always really important to discuss the risks. When a patient comes in, I give them fortunately a large stack of paper which discusses the rhinoplasty procedure and all the risks associated with it. I also have a video for patients to watch. It talks about the risks with rhinoplasty but in general, when it comes to risks and recovery time, a lot of them sometimes are a combination of complications versus just healing issues versus the time to heal. I tell everybody it takes about two years to heal and you will get three dimensional healing of the nose and shrink [inaudible 00:00:38] of the skin which means that when you remove something, anticipate some future time that whenever you remove, you’ll be able to be see an indentation there and notice it.

If you take a hump [SP] down and then you bring the bones in but you don't place photographs [SP], you’re going to see an inverted V deformity. So you have to be very careful when you’re performing a rhinoplasty. You want to make sure that the new construction that you put in there is strong to stabilize the smaller nasal pyramid. I hope this helps. Thank you.

These Are the Risks to Consider Before Committing to a Nose Job

Dr. Paul Nassif explains that a rhinoplasty has risks that should be considered before committing to the procedure.