Doctor: So right now we just applied the numbing cream for Shannon, and we are going to apply an ice pack which helps with pain and also helps with bruising. So if you just take this and kind of put it on your forehead. Not so much that you are going to get a brain freeze. Just move it around a little bit, it will help with the pain, also the bruising.

And so for Shannon we're going to use 20 units for her forehead, five injections of four units each. You okay? I'll take that back.

Shannon: Yeah.

Doctor: Do you need a squeeze bottle or anything?

Shannon: Sure. [laughs] I'll take all the help I can get.

Doctor: Here you go.

Shannon: Thank you.

Doctor: Okay, so raise your eyebrows for me. Be good and relaxed. All right. Here we go, a little pinch. How was that?

Shannon: I didn't feel anything.

Doctor: Oh good.

Shannon: I want the world to know.

Doctor: Raise your eyebrows up. Relax. So what I'm doing when I have you raise your eyebrows up is I make sure I know where the muscle is so I can inject the Botox exactly where it needs to go. How was that one?

Shannon: Great.

Doctor: That's okay? [inaudible 00:01:45].

Shannon: Mm-hmm.

Doctor: Then raise your eyebrows up. Okay, relax.

A Painless Botox Injection Is Absolutely Possible

Using a combination of numbing cream and ice packs, Dr. Daniel Barrett shows how you can reduce the pain and bruising typically associated with Botox.